Sunday, 26 June 2011

Conference update

The conference here in Ireland is just over and I am doing a short 2am recap. It has been a great half-week, I have been a bit star-struck meeting some more of the people whose work I read. No job offers but  got some lovely feedback from my presentation and chatted to some of the right people. Tonight at the gala dinner I felt like being at a conference full of PE teachers and teacher-educators is not the best place to be if you have body issues as many of the women are tiny, fit and toned. But I should get used to that, or not have body issues, or get more toned...

Also the lighting in my hotel room is dark/moody/dim so no clothing photos would come out properly - no
DYB pics for me yet - but I'll try to recreate what I wore when I get home. I got complimented on my new dress that has been sat in the wardrobe for two months waiting for the right opportunity. Also on my big black and white earrings, which was nice I guess.

Two more conferences next week! And a paper to submit to journal! When I am going to write my thesis which I told everyone I would have done by October??

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