Tuesday, 6 October 2009

About-Face is an activist group in San Francisco with the aim to "equip girls and women with the tools to understand and resist the harmful media messages that affect self-esteem and body image"

They have a great video about sticking empowering/supportive messages on mirrors in store changing rooms, and suggest questions that girls should be asking of the media they encounter. Awesome resource.

Update on the bowling

This weekend I suggested to the bowling committee that we scrap the separate women's team in the cup competition and they agreed and it was voted in - so now the system is four teams of three bowlers, with a minimum of two women in the entire team, and women and men play together/against each other - no more gender distinctions. The support for a minimum quota of women was quite strong, mainly as lots of people thought 'girls arent very good bowlers' - not the most helpful!

And I came third in my division, out of 16 bowlers. I was the only woman to play in that division and to begin with I felt a little weird, like I was on the wrong lanes and had gone in the men's section by mistake, but I said that was silly and I got some good scores, including my personal best 611 series!