Wednesday, 12 January 2011

You speak like a misogynist

Well hasn't it been a long time since I've posted. I don't like new year resolutions but it should be a sort of one to write more. Who knows, it might help with the real writing. I finished my data coding a couple of days ago (I took about a month away from it to do some more reading) and ... now what?! I'm revising my codes and creating categories to try to link things together into themes but it's daunting - I mean, what do themes look like? Does each Research Question have a theme? It's been easy when I've done it before, but this is my baby and has to be right! Small bits of writing, I think.

Anyway I blog today because it seems Iris Marion Young's famous phrase from 1980 "throwing like a girl" is still being used today, unbelievably. Actually, sadly believable, because there's nothing worse than being called a girl/girly! Especially if it's the president of the USA. Apparently he throws like a little girl, according to an American TV presenter Jow Scarborough. See WVON on the case here.

Obama certainly gets a lot of body policing but this one really gets to me.

Little girls throw just fine; and a "weak" or incorrect throw, if there is such a thing, should cast no aspersions on gender, race or any other stereotypical way of using and inhabiting the body. Obama throws like a girl? You, Joe Scarborough, you present TV like a misogynist!

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