Thursday, 22 July 2010

Musical aside

I just came across an old notebook from my undergrad years and it in was a set list from a time I DJed for Offbeat in the Coventry Colosseum (now Casbah); gonna try to post some of it up here. From the looks of things, I DJed this around mid 2001.

Slightly-forgotten indie-rockers Silversun with 'Julia'

Catatonia while they were still alright, with 'Sweet Catatonia'

They are still my favourite band, Bluetones - 'Solomon Bites the Worm'

Another band/album I don't listen to anymore, Blue 'Tracy Jacks'

REM, 'Harborcoat'

The lovely 'Kate from Ben Folds Five

Tha Manics and 'From Despair to Where'

This probably wouldn't be allowed to be released these days, it's Travis' 'U-16 Girls'

This video shows two Gorky's songs but I just played the first, Patio Song:

This isn't as good as I remembered it. Ultrasound, 'Kurt Russell'

From Green Day's first album, twenty years old now, 'Knowledge'

Gomez 'Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone'

Hefner - 'Hymn For the Cigarettes'

SFA - Chupacabras (I just learned today that this is named after an animal)

this was from a Levi's advert, the Sta-Prest ones I think. Lilys, 'Nanny in Manhattan'.


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