Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Working out a PhD problem

Now, I know that my supervisor Alan loves to wind me up and challenge everything I write* (to make me write better or take fewer things for granted I hope?). I wrote a short chapter last week about the perceived low value in women's or girl's bodies from a sport point of view (where a masculine, muscular, strong body is valorised) and that this can impact on girls' participation and embodiment in PE and school sport. Alan replied that we only need to look around campus here at uni to see that this is not the case.

That may be, here at a university where sport is central and normal and women have access and opportunity...but on the same level as men? Are women told here that they are equal and on a par with male athletes? Not sure about that. In any case it's difficult to extrapolate this situation to other places, as all the sportswomen come to this university anyway.

But something I'm thinking about, as I should address it, or have a good argument against it, for this is what I'm basing a large part of my rationale on!

* He also said tenpin bowling is not a sport. I didn't answer, as I've been answering that type of comment for years.

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